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older m■odels. According ●to the poli●

Written by Administrator    |    Thursday, 15 June 2009

cy, consumers can◆ get subsidies wort●h up to 10 percent

out thi◆s in the las○t two weeks. Accor◆ding to a ●partial survey on Sa■turday and Sun●day, about 3 t■o 5 percent o◆f consumers buyi○ng refrigerat◆ors, washing machi〓nes, color TVs, ●and air con●ditioners, have● inquired a●bout the po○licy."Some home a◆ppliance stores hav●e even taken down ◆names of poten●tial consumers■.A consumers said■, "I heard about th◆e new policy, so I ●

◆of the purcha●se price.Home ap〓

Written by Administrator    |    Thursday, 15 June 2009

plication vendor sai●d, "There have〓 been many consum●ers asking ab

came to as◆k about it. If the p●rice is worthw○hile I will consid●er it."Exper●ts say many cons○umers will no●t sell what t〓hey already have on◆ the second-hand○ market, which is s■omething they used○ to do. But in〓stead, will prefer 〓to buy new appli◆ances. They say this■ is likely to 〓affect the ○recycling bus◆iness.Prof. ●Zhou Liguo 〓from Central Univ●ersity of F●inance and Economy〓 sai